Carolina Homes – Modular Homes in 2012

Carolina Homes – Modular Homes in 2012

Calgary Company: Carolina Homes

Modular Homes by Carolina Homes

Modular homes ain?t what they used to be. I’m here with John from Carolina, and you have a really cool modular home here. 

Thank you. We’re very proud of it. It’s something we built our own facility that we have now in Southeast Calgary, and I think everyone so far this weekend has been pretty in love with it as well. 

So I think some of the misconceptions out there is maybe that a modular home isn’t as strongly built as a regular home. 

Yeah, that’s not the case here, for sure. I think I’m pretty convinced our house that doubles a bridge if it had to. It’s a steel frame construction with all like H steel walls and full spray foam insulation. It’s built like a tank, really, 

So it isn’t falling down and going anywhere? No, definitely not. 

What about inside? Because inside this show, home looks just beautiful. 

Ya, all are all the manufacturers and suppliers that we work with on an ongoing basis have all stepped up to the plate and provided a lot of beautiful and furnishings for the inside, from windows to countertops to flooring and cabinets. 

And I understand even all the appliances come with the home? 

Yeah, they do This year. LG is a big sponsor in the show and gave us a great package of appliances they go with the home. House arrives fully finished, flooring, appliances, everything, paint. 

How long does it take to put one out? 

This house here we built in our factory in just under five weeks, which was a bit of a rush, probably wouldn’t want to be in that timeline every time, but anywhere from 5 to 7 weeks construction,and then we put the holes together in two days here in the BMO Centre. 

That’s amazing. Thank you so much, Chris. 

Thank you. 

A great strong home and a great alternative for you. I’m Andrea Jones for homes television.

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