Lighting Ideas for your home in 2012.

Lighting Ideas for your home in 2012.

Calgary Company: A Plus Lighting

2012 Trends in lighting

I?m here with Tommy from a Plus Lighting Inc. And we’re talking about new trends in lighting. So tell us a little bit about what you have here. 

Okay? You know, nowadays lightings people treating lightning differently. You know, a lot of people treat lighting as important as something being furnitures that have in the house

and they’re looking for more than just lighting source. You know, they want to be to be energy efficient and decorative, but functioning as a lighting as well. And And they used to looking for species of that like, for example, making a statement, you know, and have a lasting last impression and on the guest. And so basically, I think it just think of out of the box a little bit. So trying something different. 

So this piece here could go into a dining room or bedroom. 

Yeah, this is the most public for dining room, and other people would just, you know, piece like this. And as I said, like a statement. And so a piece like this and the piece, like the other good magic. 

So that’s a really gorgeous piece for for a dining room or for a bedroom. Now, over here, We’ve got something really neat. 

Okay? Yeah. Again. In Canada, a lot of places, especially condo or house, is that we don’t have any lighting at the center of the room. So people try to looking for something else as a lighting source. So they turned to stuff like this. It’s like a decorative, but also lighting source. 

So those are very popular nowadays? Yeah. And both floor lamps or table lamps. Doesn’t matter again. It’s a cool art piece like decoration purpose as well. Yeah. Beautiful. 

Thank you so much, Tommy. So if you wanna have lighting and a work of art at the same time, you know where to go. I’m Andrea Jones for homes television.

Video Production Calgary by State of the Arts.

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Meet A Plus Lighting

Meet A Plus Lighting

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