Meet Alberta Cabinet Manufacturers

Meet Alberta Cabinet Manufacturers

Calgary company: Alberta Cabinet Manufacturers

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Calgary Business Video With Alberta Cabinet Manufacturers

Hi, I’m Rick Richards, and I’m with Alberta Cabinet manufacturers.  We are a local manufacturer and installer of all types of cabinetry. And we worked all throughout the prairies and BC. We offer everything from multi family so very small kitchens that are very price point competitive all the way to kitchens that cost a quarter million dollars. So if your kitchens from anywhere from $2500 to a quarter million, we can build you a kitchen. 

A client will come in and they will either be looking to renovate their house or they’re building new, and they just need help with a kitchen that works for them because everybody cooks differently. They might be a baker. They might cook for large family that might cook for a small family. And they’re just looking for a kitchen that is well designed and functions for what they use the kitchen. So they’ll come in and we will design a kitchen for them. 

We put it into a 3D package for them so they can actually visualize what their kitchens gonna look like  From that, we can put in all the little bells and whistles that they’re looking to have at a price that they want to be at, and from there we can actually go into their houses. They’re doing a renovation, and tear out what’s there and reconstruct the kitchen for them. If it’s a new build, we go in there on build a brand new kitchen for them on site, it looks absolutely gorgeous, and it’s exactly what they designed their kitchen to be. 

I rarely ever lose a job because of Price. I never lose a job because of quality. You can’t beat our quality. We build it as if it was our kitchen, and we build it with quality that we want in our house kitchen, and that makes the customer feel, okay. they’re not going to rip me off, they are building It just like they would build their own one for their house.

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