Bonsai Tree Tips with Greengate Gardens – 2011

Bonsai Tree Tips with Greengate Gardens – 2011

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Caring for the Bonsai Tree

Hi. I’m here today with John Duncan from Green Gate Garden Center and today we’re gonna be learning about Bonsai, now John, Bonsai isn’t actually a type of plant. It’s a style of growing trees. 

Yeah. Okay, so just about any plant can can be done?

Yes for sure. Anything that usually is a woody type stem can be done. 

So what kind of plans do we have here? 

Most of these are tropical indoor bonsais that we carry out at this time of year. But we have, like Bougainvillea, Buddhist pine and many other varieties as well. 

So what’s involved in creating Bonzai itself like in creating that look that you want? 

Well, usually it’s to do with stunting. Right. So you take a plant that typically should be like 40 feet tall, and you’re making it into the same scale as something that is like 18 inches tall. But still having that exact same look as if it waas 40 feet tall. 

And what about watering and that type of thing? Is that gonna be really sensitive for the for the bonsai type gardening?

Well care for bonsai is actually quite restrictive because they’re in a very small pot because they’re grown small. They have an extensive root system in a very small pot that causes the dwarfing or the to be miniaturized so they have a lot more care and have a lot more less flexibility in their culture. So they if they need water today, they need water today. Do not wait till tomorrow because years and years of growing and cultivating that plant to look like want can be done in one day. 

Thank you, John, very much for your help today and learning about Bonsai.  I’m Andrea Jones for homes television.

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